The Youth Council of Midgard

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Youth Council of Midgard

The Youth Council of Midgard

Blessing for the Children

“May your wisdom pour out from the purity of love and your direct connection with the Source Creator of all! May each heart and soul who hears this beautiful symphony of life, rejoice in the beauty that comes forth!"


The youth of this world are our greatest blessing and reminder to LIVE. Life and living are the grandest expressions of the purest love of Source/ God. Too often, the youths’ voices are forgotten, and ignored. That ends here and now, with the formation of The Youth Council of Midgard! The youth’s voices will be heard equally with the fullest respect that they deserve!


The Youth Council of Midgard is a safe space where children meet and learn to create, communicate, and redefine their reality through diverse conversation in which people, animals and the environment are discussed. The goal is to offer our most precious commodity, our children, the freedom to create their own truth.

What is the Youth Council of Midgard?


The Youth Council is a subsection of The Council of Midgard.  Both groups are comprised of people who are looking for ways to improve their lives and the environment through peaceful conversations, sharing ideas and learning from each other how to exist in harmony on this planet, whose original name is Midgard (derived from Old Norse and Old English for Middle Yard).


The Youth Council of Midgard was started by parents who are members of the Council of Midgard because the need to include our children is vital to the forward progress of our planet. The children represent the future of humanity, and it is necessary to provide a safe place for them to come together to exchange ideas on how to make this a better place to live for All creatures and beings.


The whole world will benefit as children learn to see and respect each other as they build relationships and care for each other.


The Youth Council of Midgard is a safe space where kids can explore, imagine, discover, and create tangible plans for the Rescue of this planet. Together they will learn about themselves and the world around them, while helping the planet and thereby fostering positive self-esteem through healthy verbal exchange with other children.

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