• Svetlana B.

The Magic of the Rings

Written by Svetlana B., Slovakia

How to wear a ring and on which finger to wear it.

The ring determines not only the condition, it is not only fashion and beauty, but also talisman. Although it is the simplest ring, it can help you in life. They have known since ancient times that rings and bracelets help protect against foreign influence.

Our whole body is interwoven with meridians and the energy that circulates in them reaches us through our fingers. The rings on the hands primarily serve as protection against foreign uninvited energy. This is how they help protect your integrity and health. Astrologers claim that each finger is associated with a specific planet and element.

If you put on the rings, taking into account the nature of the planets and elements, it will help you.

How to wear a ring with precise intent

- Putting the ring on your thumb activates the sensory perception of the world. In addition, it attracts money.

Decorating your index finger with a ring activates Jupiter and the power element. It builds trust and helps you achieve your goals. Plus, not just at work.

- Middle finger (element of the Earth, planet Saturn) - is responsible for the memory of the ancestors.

You must wear the rings that you have inherited on your middle finger. Such a ring on the middle finger makes a person stronger, he gets a connection with the family.

Don't forget to give your children rings. Not only for girls, but also for boys. It will help them in life.

Ring on the ring finger (element of air, the planet is the Sun) - inspires, activates creative energy, helps in communication.

And putting a ring from your loved ones on your ring finger will help you improve your personal relationships.

The pinky finger ring (water element, planet Mercury) will strengthen your emotional sphere and help make the necessary contacts. Give your friends rings.

I will decorate myself, I will dress, good people will come in handy, all my doors will be opened, all secrets will be revealed to me, everything will be according to my desire.


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