• Kevin Isaacs

The Council of Midgard

Updated: Aug 7

· The Council of Midgard

- Is a transitional advisory body comprised of members of the Source Operational Light Warriors (SOLW), The Comptroller of the assets of Midgard selected by Source, Interim operators of the defunct QFS system and various members of the one hundred and forty-four thousand (144,000 to come forth) Source has assembled on Midgard Sol 3 at this time of the Gates of the Precession.

A. This is the permanent transition of not only this galaxy, universe, multiverse but all multiverse to a Source/ God omnipresence breaking the cyclic catastrophes duality known since time immemorial. This cycle system is an affront to the natural state of life and will be forever corrected eliminating the cataclysmic cycles between the dominating attrition of dark and the rise of light in natural law with Source. This has led to unfathomable death, carnage, and destruction to consciousness throughout the multiverses for eons. Evil will still exist but never be allowed again at this scale. This cost many galaxies and universes their existence and will never occur again.

B. There are many councils in existence. Every prior council has been comprised of off world beings (nefarious, malicious intent and purpose) dictating to the worlds they manage from afar and with “skin in the game”. Compromising their endeavors at the expense of those they are managing. Gross negligence at the least, industrialized planned mass genocide of Source Consciousness to replace Source at the most. Either way that ends now with the establishment of Source based advisory bodies or councils to spur all consciousness to step up and take personal and collective responsibility. In other terms, “grow up” because look at what has happened with “others” taking care of us.

C. To start the authentic de jure assemblies will be a great starting place and the Council of Midgard will be there to assist in anyway in reestablishing individuals as sovereign beings Source made them.

D. The Council of Midgard will act as an advisory committee to assist the Comptroller in their duty to return the assets to all beings of Midgard. It will also compose various intermediate initiatives to bridge the void that will be left in the absence of the powers and principalities that were. And to spark the Light of Source in all beings and start the healing.

The council will comprised of you, authentic De Jure Assembles and a Children's Council of Midgard. The most important aspect of everything will be every Source Spark Consciousness participating actively in absolute LOVE.

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