• Svetlana B.

Symbolism and history of plants 1.

Written and published in book by Svetlana B., Slovakia

Plants and herbs have been used by mankind since ancient times. From the beginning of history, they have helped heal the body and spirit. They were an ornament, they served for utility, as well as a means of communication with the gods. They were part of what the surrounding nature provided. Over the ages, people have found their most diverse use in the whole diverse range of their being - for subsistence, for the reconciliation of ancestors, for divination and foreclosure, for the protection of the house and themselves, for healing and celebration. Natural experiences had the strongest influence on the perception of reality and the irrational element in our ancestors. Understanding space and time, place in the universe can only be understood in relation to nature. And that was the divine energy, often embodied by the natural gods. Nature and the earth itself became the goddess - the mother. Natural deities were eventually replaced by others, but the myths and symbols emanating from nature did not lose their position in any culture; on the contrary, they often spread to other cultures.

They all had their place in a complex system of community and represented a certain symbol through which they represented a certain spiritual reality or a visible sign of a hidden or revealed reality. They entered into magic, cults, faith and organized religions as a means of overt or confidential agreement. Through symbolism, they have become a means of associating people, their thinking, feelings, affiliation, ...

Herbs and medicinal plants have been the domain of women since time immemorial. Their knowledge has become an integral part of everyday life through oral administration. And in spite of all the ruthless persecution and prejudices that have persisted in the depths of human souls to this day, this knowledge has been preserved.

The present has made it possible to open the door to spiritual mysteries, look into history and learn about the ancient wisdom of people living thousands of years before us. Get to know their world of reality, the world of gods, the world of symbols and through this knowledge to better interpret your world - today's, modern, scientific, technically unique and yet often times deprived of spiritual experiences, romance, love and fantasy.

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