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Slovak mystery – Moon Cave a gateway to the underground world Agartha?

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Slovakia has many legends. One of the Slovak mysteries worth mentioning is certainly the Moon Cave.

According to various legends, it is supposed to hide in the deep Tatra forests, but finding its exact location is, according to many mysterious world scientists, is difficult. Most often mentioned is the location somewhere between the village Plavnica and Stara Lubovna, or around Zdiar.

The legend of the moon cave

The references to it are attributed to Antonín Horák, who hid there during the Slovak National revolution. During this period he wrote a diary in which he recorded various facts about the cave. The walls were as glossy and smooth as glass, and it all reminded him of an old civilization. The cave, according to Horák, took the form of a huge cylinder set in a rock.

The blue-black walls were so hard that even the pickaxe left no trace on them as it jumped from the wall. Tests from the gun were also unsuccessful, as the bullets fired from the walls also bouncing.

However, its existence is questionable, as is the existence of Antonín Horák himself. But many witnesses say that the secret services prevented the public from learning the cave. Burner himself reportedly emigrated and never published the exact location of its occurrence.

Mystery of the Moon Cave

On the one hand, it may be a gateway to the underground, some reports claim that the cave was known by a special section of the Nazi Ahnenerbe. During the war period he explored in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic all caves, tunnels and mines that could be related to the underground empire.

The work of extraterrestrial civilization

It was also hypothesized that the Moon Cave in the past served as a huge lens that amplified the cosmic energy. Pyramids. It is from the people who control paranormal perception that the moon cave is actually a device that controls the stability of the sun or monitors what is happening on our planet.

Many say it is not the work of man as we know it. Reportedly, even the work of extraterrestrial civilization or the work of some intelligent ancient society should go. There are also theories that these are remnants of an alien ship that failed here in the distant past.

Underground Empire of Agartha

Some believe that the Moon Cave may be the entrance to Agartha, an underground empire of advanced civilization, somewhere below Mongolia or Tibet. The Moon Cave is supposed to be one of the portals of this civilization to the Earth’s surface. Although the idea of ​​the underground world sounds crazy, it must be said that Agartha is a very ancient legend that appears in several world cultures independently of one another.

Antonín Horák did not leave any specific clue from which potential discoverers of the mysterious shaft could come. After the war, he fled to Palestine, where he died. However, it may also be Antonín Horák, who emigrated to the United States of America after the war, where he once published notes from the discovery of the Moon Cave in a magazine.

Many unnamed memorials of the past claimed that Horák's discovery was not at the behest of the Soviet military's military secret services, which tracked down his activities and prevented the public from learning the whole truth about the cave. The existence as well as the content of the Moon Cave is thus still well preserved, and even years after the mention of it, passionate discussions on this topic have not subsided.

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