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Light Root (Dioscorea batatas)

Written by Vlasta A., Slovakia

Light Root (Dioscorea batatas)

Other names Chinese jam, bread root, Chinese potato (mountain medicine)

Rudolf Steiner (in his book Die Grundsteilegung der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft) in the 1920s describes the Light Root as a plant that is the only one in most of its growing underground to store light ether.

Ether with the physical world - solid, liquid and gaseous - borders the world of Ether, that is, the elemental, world of forming forces. Ether is a kind of immaterial matter, a purely forceful action from which everything material came into being during the creation of the Earth. Today, ether penetrates the physical bodies of plants, animals and humans and causes dead matter to become a living organism. Ether is divided into four types (aqueous ether, light ether, chemical or sound ether and life ether).

The light ether becomes irreplaceable for man if he wants to handle the spiritual tasks of the future. The light root becomes just as food and a bearer of spirit. He is therefore a spiritual being, and the term "plant" describes him as little as when we use the term "animals" or "insects" for the Bee being. Both the light root and the bee colony are the bearers of a more sublime spiritual (Venus) being, which we cannot identify with either plant spirits or animal spirits.

The Light Root and Bee are more people (mystery teachers) in ancient times of "created" beings. Both arose in the Atlantic mysteries from the magical union of sacrificial spiritual animals and plants with Venus spiritual beings. Until the beginning of the entry of the "I" into humanity, these noble spiritual beings were the instigators of the social structure in human communities. This separation took place around the middle of the Atlantic era of human development. The mission of the Light Root strengthens our etheric body so that we will be able to read more and more in it than we have so far done in the physical body.

You can read more about these miraculous things in the publications: Ralf Rößner, "Nutrition of the Future, The Root of Light" and "The Bee (Being Bees). If you want to see the miracle of God, you must go to the bees to see."


Mentions of the Light Root were found in one of Plato's writings on Atlantis, in which there are ancient Greek philosopher Theofrast of Eres (371-287 BC) drawings of this plant. Another indication that the Light Root was "created" by initiates in Atlantis was found in the so-called Voynich's manuscript, which is attributed to Franciscan Roger Bacon (1220-1292). He also says of Plato that he draws some of the contents of his works from old "Atlantic" memories.

Image . 1 - Voynich's manuscript

Light root grew in China, and Rudolf Steiner encouraged it to be grown in Europe as well, so that it could replace potatoes as a staple food. There were several attempts to find a suitable cultivation method in Europe, but it was not until the 1990s that min. century, Ralf Rößner succeeded. According to his method, light root is grown in several countries around the world. There are many videos on YouTube about growing the Light Root in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Just enter "growing light root" and you can see instructions from several growers.

We also have our own experience. In cultivation, it is important not only to adhere to Rößner's cultivation method, but also to the fact that the Light Root is a spiritual being. That is why I welcomed the light root to us, I informed him how we would grow it and after the meeting I told him our intention that we want him to grow in health and well-being, to influence everything around him with his wonderful energy. We paid attention to him daily - a smile, praise, weeding, watering. He paid off with incredible prosperity for himself and everyone around him. From two small 15cm seedlings, two such twins grew:

Image. 2

It is also the same in this second year of growing the Light Root in our country. It thrives beautifully, blooms and smells incredibly beautiful. We smelled a similar scent in the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, when Orbs, light balls, flew around us in the darkness.

Image. 3 - twenty-five light roots on the structure

It also tastes pleasant and certainly has healing effects.

Image . 4 bunches of flowers

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