• Svetlana B.

Kryon's Book 12 Invisible things - The Atlas experiment.

Written by Svetlana B., Slovakia

Physical experiment with particles, performed in a large hadron accelerator (CERN). Since 2009, the Atlas detector has been looking for new discoveries in proton collisions of surprisingly high energy. He studied the fundamental forces that created our universe at the beginning of time and what determined its fate. Among the possible unknowns were the origin of matter, other dimensions of the universe, microscopic black holes, and evidence of particles that could form dark matter. One of the key statements about superstring theory is: "the center of an atom contains at least 11 dimensions."

You and I have a multidimensional world around us, and yet we are only aware of 4 dimensions. You may ask yourself the question: Why can't we see evidence of their existence? But maybe we can.

Dr. Ovokaitys, together with Scott Stratken, a physicist and co-inventor of the sonogram, created a device that in a way awakens multidimensional sections with information about our cellular structure. The results of laboratory tests and even human experiments have shown that the human body responds to things that have never been seen before. "Invisible biology" has been somehow stimulated to develop self-diagnosis and, in many cases, to attack virulent, insidious diseases to such an extent that they have become undetectable. In other cases, even the stem cells were "instructed" to create new tissue. In another set of Dr.'s experiments, Poponin (a quantum physicist) discovered a multidimensional field around DNA itself. This field is strong enough to change mass. DNA arranged a random particle of light into a sinusoid, and this pattern remained even after DNA removal! This phenomenon has been termed phantom DNA.

As a result of scientists' reasoning, DNA is multidimensional, and so is we. "Wild and unsubstantiated" are beginning to become believable - if not almost common.

This was an introduction to the topic, and it's time to think about how rare each individual's DNA is and what's being played at the moment - in the time of covid, when vaccination reaches the essence of DNA and the vaccine makes changes at this level.

DNA is a huge mystery to most of us. We hear about this name, we understand in a way what it is about, but we really have no idea about its complexity or how it works. So let's look at a few "no gentlemen" things that you may not know. First on things that are taught in school and then on those that are not taught in school.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the basic blueprint of a human being. The building block of DNA is called a DNA base, these are 4 different types. The DNA base sequence forms the genetic code. DNA bases pair and many times twist around each other in a spiral. This is the known shape of a twin screw. The human genetic code is about 3 billion base pairs long and occurs about a hundred trillion times in a typical human body. The human genetic code contains approximately 23,000 human genes (according to the latest calculations) that represent our tendencies to who we are. This includes everything we have by nature, + what we have gained from our parents and their parents. A gene is an inherited unit in a living organism. It can include eye color, as well as information on how to create kidneys, or our hereditary tendencies to health problems, such as Alzheimer. We not only inherit signs from our parents, but also general signs of human beings. We can say that genes carry everything we are and what is human, along with the unique traits of our ancestors.

You may have heard of RNA (ribonucleic acid). It is part of the transcription process, which is at the beginning of the "production line", which creates and organizes proteins. But DNA is a set of instructions!

This very small molecule of the twin screw is visible only through a very powerful electron microscope. It is a chemical system that represents 3 billion parts. Can you imagine how small they must be? We see the true shape of DNA as it was deduced by Watson and Crick in England in 1953. The world knows them mainly, but it's not just their fault. Thanks to Rosalinda Franklin, an X-ray diffraction specialist in Cambridge, the two gentlemen forgot to see a secret image of her work and get to the shape of DNA, of course, their contribution was not mentioned anywhere. This is the fate of many wise women.

DNA as a whole was decrypted by 2001.

Despite any logic, scientists could not find the codes they must have known were there. They were looking for a symmetry that would create any language. And then they found it. Within all the letters, all that chemistry, and the apparent complexity of the human genome, it contained only 4% of the code. Only the proteins encoding DNA chemistry carried a clear code for gene generation. It was so 3D that we could see the "start and stop" marks for each sequence. Only a small part of the human genome has been involved in the production of 23,000 genes in the human body. The rest seemed to do nothing at all.

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